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What is Copy Trading and how it works

It is an excellent way for novice traders to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of more experienced traders. It is a simple and straightforward process where you can potentially profit based on someone else’s skills. Copy trading means that you can automatically copy the trades of other traders, usually more experienced traders, in your own trading account.

Copy Trading is a popular technique used in the world of finance. It enables beginners and inexperienced investors to follow the trading patterns of successful and seasoned traders. The technique is a form of social trading, where investors can copy the trading strategies of top-performing traders. The process involves a trader sharing their trading activities with other investors, who can then automatically replicate the trades in their own accounts.

benefits of Copy Trading

Time Efficiency

By using Copy Trading, you can take advantage of other traders’ market insights and trading strategies without having to put in the time and effort to learn the ins and outs of trading yourself.


Choosing to copy someone else’s trades does not mean you have to follow them blindly. The trader’s experience is greatly enhanced by the signal sharing system which allows you to select among various copying modes based on equity, free margin, and more. You make the decisions based on your trading goals and risk tolerance.


One of the significant benefits of copy trading is that it can help you learn from more experienced traders. As you copy their trades, you can observe their strategies and learn from their mistakes. Over time, this can help build your trading skills and knowledge, enabling you to become a better trader.

Copy Trading is a fantastic way to potentially make profits while learning from other traders. Give it a try and see how it can benefit your trading portfolio!

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