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Sit back, relax and enjoy a smooth investment ride!

Trading made simple with copy trading. See your options, take your pick and let experienced traders do the rest!

Generate Passive Income
Regardless of your experience level, you can boost your earnings through a hands-off approach.
Retain Control
You have the power to stop copying Strategy Providers at your discretion.
Learn and Progress
Acquire knowledge by emulating experienced Strategy Providers and their trading strategies.

How to start?


Register with Daman Markets & go to copy trading page


Choose your Provider


Subscribe & start copying Providers’ strategies

Daman Markets does not impose any fee for the service, but Strategy Providers charge a performance fee. The fees associated with social copy trading may differ based on the provider you select. Before subscribing to any particular provider, it’s advisable to thoroughly examine the offer details, considering not only the fees but also all other pertinent factors.
Certainly! You have the freedom to follow multiple strategy providers from a single trading account when utilizing copy trading. This allows you to opt for copying the trades of several successful traders simultaneously.

To choose the most suitable provider to follow, we recommend examining their rating as a measure of their performance. You can do so by clicking here.

Once you’ve logged in to your Client Portal, navigate to the copy trading section and click on “My Providers.” Here, you’ll find a list of all the providers you are currently following. Select the provider’s name and click on the “Unsubscribe” button to stop following them.

are you a strategy provider?

Craft Winning Strategies as

Strategy Provider

Tap into limitless income opportunities with us

Generate additional passive income by receiving performance fees from your followers, creating an effortless stream of extra earnings.

Gain access to a vast global network of traders, expanding your outreach and potentially increasing your income by attracting followers from around the world. 

Solidify your reputation as a leading strategy provider with a proven track record of success in the trading industry, steadily growing your follower base. 

How to start?


Register with Daman Markets & Log in to the portal


Apply to become a Strategy Provider


Set up your strategies & start earning

Do you think you can become a Strategy Provider?

To become a provider, sign up with Daman Markets and access the Client Portal. Navigate to the Copy Trading section, where you can initiate your application by clicking on the Provider Questionnaire. In this process, you’ll be required to furnish a valid trading account number, offer a concise overview of your trading strategy, and specify the performance fee you wish to charge your followers.
As a provider, you have the flexibility to determine the performance fees you can earn from the traders who follow your strategy. You set the performance fee, and it can be as attractive as you prefer. However, it’s important to note that your followers’ long-term commitment will be influenced by your actual performance and success in trading.
Subscribers have access to a wide range of analytics, allowing them to view details such as your Account Leverage, Floating Profit & Loss, Maximum Profit, Maximum Drawdown, Average Daily Profit, Average Daily Loss, your total number of Followers, the Followers’ equity, and more.

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